Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Has anyone been east down Syacamore street since they opened it up??

Yesterday was the first day I've been able to take that route for months, and I saw a big surprise while I was driving.

I think it's kind of cool, but I know Grammy and maybe Sissy will probably be upset. Apparently, they have made the old house that the family used to live in into a haunted house for this year. It's the second house east of The Seiberling Mansion. The same one that Aunt Jill took Grammy and Sissy through when it was up for sale last year.

I'm sure that it is probably going to be trashed inside, so I hope that is just the beginning of them refinishing some things. Grammy said it looked horrible when she was in it last year.

I thik it would be interesting to go through the haunted house, but I'm sure I'd get a much better idea of how it really was if I could see it without all the Halloween stuff.

If anyone wants to go, let me know....I might want to join you.....

How do you guys think Grammy will feel????


Andrea said...

Grammy is surprisingly unattached to material things. I don't think she has any emotional ties to that house.

My mom has talked about sitting in her upstairs bedroom looking down to the street. And my dad remembers Robby dangling fake spiders from the upstairs down between mom and dad while they were sitting on the couch.

They were dead broke when they lived there so it wasn't the happiest of times. Anyway, their thoughts of those times don't reside in the house itself - they have taken up permanent residence in their memory.

My prediction: They will think a haunted house is stupid but it won't upset them because it's a haunted house where they used to live.

Jenny said...

I agree with Andrea. I don't think that the purpose of the house now will effect Grammy. I would be interested in going through it though with you. I love haunted houses!

Andrea said...

I told mom about the house. She said she saw it but hasn't taken Grammy by yet.

She said they had great times in that house and she wished people had kept it up.

I thought it was hard times for them but she said it was the year before they moved into the house when they were really broke and living with Meemo's brother Jack.

She said on Sycamore they had Christmas presents all the way out into a hallway from the living room. And every year Robby would get a Christmas tree cause he worked for the Y's Men's Christmas Tree lot.

Sounded like good times.

Andrea said...

I'd like to go through the house too. Let me know if you guys decide to do it.

s-hooks said...

Well, Allison, mom and I tried going today, but it wasn't open yet. We walked around outside. It was all decked out for Halloween. When we were there today, my mom was kind of sad. She said Grammy wished they'd just tear the house down and didn't want to talk about it. Maybe the money from the haunted house will be used to fix it up. Let's hope. I went with them last year when Aunt Jill had the keys. It looked pretty old and rundown. I can't believe the wood siding hasn't even been painted in forever. It's all chipping off. Something I remember from going in there is the tiny bathtub. It's got to be the original. Grammy said that Uncle Robby used to hate to get in the bath, but once he was in, you couldn't get him out. She said he'd just sing and sing in the bath. That's a cool memory. Let me know if you want to try and go again..after 7 when it's open! :)

A. Jill Anne said...

Grammy won't care! When we went through it last year she said, "This place is a dump".

It didn't even look like the same house we lived in during the 60s...yikes!

I have nightmares that I am going back there to live again. Even though I had fun living there, it's not my idea of "living the good life".

Shortly after we moved there Daddy took a job traveling and was away for the rest of mine, Jan's and Robby's childhood. I still have issues with that!

I'm thankful that we all had a very loving and caring Mother. She was both Mom AND Dad to us.

allison said...

I think it's just kind of sad to see things that have been familiar to our family falling apart.

It makes me feel old just to see the little house I lived in on McCann street.

I still want to go see it though!!!